Our Classroom & Clinical Nursing Programs

We are here to help students become Certified Nursing Assistants/Nurse Aides (CNA). Even if getting back to studying doesn’t seem possible, our programs will make it a reality.

Residential (All one on one)

Offered at the Knoxville and Madisonville Locations

Knoxville Schedule

Cost of Program: $865.00 (includes books and scrubs)

Madisonville Schedule

Cost of Program: $865.00 (includes books and scrubs)


Blended (Online and One on One) Coming in July 2022

Distance Learning for all classroom/theory (40 hours)
When Distance learning is complete
Week 1: M-F 3:00-7:00 Skills Lab
Week 2: M-F 3:00-7:00 Clinical
Cost of Program $1,175 (includes all fees and scrubs)

Please call for more information as schedules may very based on needs